Which contracts, policies and agreements come with my SeedLegals Membership?

Within any SeedLegals membership, you get access to useful and popular agreements. This is a quick guide of what is what, where to find it on the platform, and some links to more information. See more general queries on agreements here

So what is included? 


In the Team tab you can find:

  • Founder Agreements - designed to protect the founders and the company if things go wrong between founders - which happens more often than you think. If the founders don’t have a signed Founder’s Agreement in place, now is the time to do it. You can create a Founder’s Pledge or Founder Service Agreement here.
  • Employment Agreements - our perfectly customisable Employment Agreement makes it super easy to set work hours, roles, reporting, probation, termination, assign bonus and stock options. You can e-sign, store and update the contract here.
  • Contractor Agreements - Designed for hiring a self-employed freelancer or independent consultant.

Over in our Agreements tab you can find: 

Hire someone

  • Advisor Agreements - Add an advisor to your team. Choose from different advisor types. Define their deliverables. Set remuneration in cash and/or equity. Includes non-compete provisions.
  • NED Agreements - Hire a Non-Executive Director. Set their role, duties and duration of their engagement. Set remuneration in cash and/or equity. Includes non-compete provisions.
  • Consultancy Agreements - Our consultancy agreement makes hiring a consultant or contractor easy. You can define the project and deliverables, set payment in cash and/or equity and include NDA provisions. You can create these for individuals or companies.
  • Zero Hour Contracts - Sometimes you can’t predict your staffing needs, which is where zero hour contracts are useful. The working relationship begins when the person starts their shift and ends when they end their shift.
  • Intern Agreements - Hire an intern. Specify their duties. Add payment details (interns need to be paid the minimum wage). Includes mentoring, reporting & other intern hiring requirements.
Protect your IP
  • IP Agreement - Everyone who’s contributed to your product or idea should sign an IP Assignment. Investors will check this as part of their due diligence. IP assignment provisions are also included in our hiring agreements.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - Easy NDA creation, the other party can e-sign it right here. If the other party is a company, create the NDA in the name of the person who'll be signing on their behalf, then add the company details in the NDA questions.

Get investment ready

  • Due Diligence Request - Get investment ready by starting on your due diligence checklist now, so you’re ready with the set of due diligence documents your investors will be looking for.
Commercial agreements
  • Warrant Agreement - Often used by incubators and accelerators, our Warrant Agreement is used to give an investor a right to buy shares at a future date at a price per share that you agree now.
  • Affiliate Agreement - Want to incentivise partners to refer customers to you? Our Affiliate Agreement lets you specify which items earn a referral fee, for how long, when commission will be paid, and more.

Over in our Policies tab you can find:

  • Staff Handbook - The SeedLegals staff handbook helps you shape your company culture and create company policies for up to 40 workplace-related issues. Create Mission and Value statements to define your culture and inspire your team. Define your company's maternity leave, dress code and diversity policies. Share this handbook with your team, and with new team members as part of their onboarding.
  • Employee Privacy Policy - The GDPR legally requires every company that processes and collects Personal Data (any data which can be used to personally identify an individual) to explain to those individuals what data they are collecting, when they collect it, why they collect it, and why they are legally entitled to collect it.
  • Website Privacy Policy - If you have a website that collects Personal Data (any data which can be used to personally identify an individual) you'll need a website Privacy Policy that tells your users what data you are collecting, when you collect it, why you collect it, and why you are legally entitled to collect it.

If you have any questions on which agreement is right for your situation, or on any terms in these agreements, please reach out to the chat where one of our experts can help.