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How to create a Consultancy Agreement

Hiring a consultant as an individual or a company for a project? Here's how...

Need to hire a consultant? Our Consultancy Agreement makes that easy!

A consultancy agreement is an agreement between your company and anyone working for the company as a contractor and not a full-time company employee.

Consultancy agreements are used to engage people (contractors) working for your company who are not part of the executive team, long-term advisors, or employees.

They are mostly used for shorter-term engagements of a few months and they are not treated as employees, they don’t go on the payroll and you do not pay National Insurance. You can even give the consultant shares or share options that vest over a period of time or on hitting specified milestones.

Our agreement outlines their roles and responsibilities, their invoicing and payment terms, and assigns any intellectual property they create while they are working for you to the company.

You can create a consultancy agreement on the platform with our Standard membership and Plus subscription 

Here's how to create one on the platform: 

  1. Create the Consultancy Agreement
  2. Fill in the Terms
  3. Sign the Consultancy Agreement
  4. Share the Consultancy Agreement for signature

Step 1: Create the Consultancy Agreement

From the 'Team' tab on the left of your screen, click on

  • A window will appear allowing you to choose between three categories: employee, contractor, and founder. Choose 'Contractor' and click 'Continue'.
  • You will see the names of existing users in your account. If one of them is the team member for whom you wish to create the consultancy  agreement, click on their name.
    Otherwise, click on to fill in their information.

  • Fill in the key terms of the consultancy  agreement then click on 'Confirm'

You have now created the contractor's profile in the team section.

Click on to create the agreement. A window will pop up, then click on 'Consultancy Agreement'


STEP 2: Fill in the terms

Complete  the key terms of the contract and click 'Done' when finished and that's it, the consultancy agreement is created.

You have the option to pay your consultants with equity and/or cash. To learn more about how to reward consultants with equity, read this article: Rewarding Consultants, Advisors, and Non-Executive Directors for Their Services with Equity.


Would you like to add or change something to the terms?

    • As long as the document is not signed, the Key Terms are modifiable.
      Head to 'My Documents' (1), open the Consultancy Agreement in question (2), then switch to the Terms view (3). Then click on the pencil icon (4) to edit the terms.

Step 3: Sign the Consultancy Agreement

Click on the top right of the document to sign the contract.

You can now share the contract with the contractor for signature!

Step 4. Share the Consultancy Agreement for signature

To share the Consultancy Agreement to be signed with the contractor, click on the share icon at the top right of the document, then click on or

Once signed by everyone, we invite you to download it in PDF and save it for yourself. This is an important document to keep carefully!

Any questions ?

If you have any further questions, click the bottom right button to message us in chat - we'll be happy to help.