Your Calendar Explained

How to use and make the most from your Calendar

Keeping on top of all your SeedLegals tasks and deadlines can be challenging. However, your Calendar can help you manage and coordinate these, ensuring that everything is fully completed on time. As you navigate the SeedLegals platform and use our different services, creating new tasks and deadlines, your Calendar will automatically update, ensuring that you always know what needs to done and when.

What are the features of the Calendar?

The 'Tasks' section of your calendar consists of two parts: 'Pending Tasks' and 'Completed Tasks'.

Your 'Pending Tasks' section is made up of calendar cards which outline the details of your upcoming deadlines:

Each card consist of a:

  1. Task: Outlines what needs to be done before the deadline. Underneath this is a 'Learn more' link that takes you to an article explaining how to complete the task.

  2. Date: Provides the deadline for the task's completion.

  3. 'Mark as completed' Box: Ticking this moves the card to your 'Completed Tasks' list.

  4. Next Steps Link: This link, at the bottom of the card, will take you to the page needed to complete the task.

If a task has not be ticked as completed and the task deadline is 30 days or less away, a notification icon will appear on the Calendar tab. The number of notifications indicates how many tasks are 30 days or less away from the deadline.

Below the 'Pending Tasks' Section is the 'Completed Tasks' section:

When you complete the task on a calendar card, and tick the 'Mark as complete' Box, the task will move from the 'Pending Tasks' section to the 'Completed Tasks' section. If you want to move a completed task back to a calendar card you can do this by hitting the three vertical dots next to the completed task and click 'Mark as not completed':

What deadlines does the Calendar covers?

Currently, the Calendar covers five different types of tasks and deadlines:

SeedFAST (ASA) Longstop Date Deadline

Your SeedFAST Longstop date is the date by which your SeedFAST must convert if there is no funding round. For your SeedFAST Conversion step by step guide click here.

SeedNOTE (CLN) Maturity Date Deadline

Your SeedNote Maturity Date Date is the date by which the loan amount and any accrued interest is due and must be converted. It's usually set at 3 or 5 years from the date of the agreement. For your SeedNOTE Conversion step by step guide click here.

EMI Valuation Expiry Deadline

Your EMI Valuation Expiry Deadline is 120 days form HMRC's confirmation of the schemes strike price by which you have to grant the options. For your Option Grant step by step guide click here.

EMI Notification to HMRC Deadline

Your EMI HMRC Notification Deadline is the date by which after granting the options, you have to notify HMRC of the grant occurring. For your notifitying HMRC guide click here.

EMI Options Annual Return Deadline

Your Company must complete an online end of year return on or before 6 July for each registered EMI scheme. For your EMI Annual Return step by step guide click here.