S/EIS Compliance

SEIS3/EIS3 received - what's next?

Steps for investors to claim their S/EIS Tax Relief

If you’re an investor who has received their S-EIS3 certificate & Share Certificate, here we'll show you exactly what you need to do to claim your 30% EIS or 50% SEIS relief! If you are still waiting for your S-EIS3 certificate please note that companies are unable to send the S-EIS Compliance documents to HMRC until they meet the trading requirement or have spent 70% of SEIS funds.

The claim is generally due for the tax year (ending 5 April) in which the shares are issued e.g. shares issued in November 2020 should be claimed at the end of the tax year 2020/21.

However, HMRC do allow you to backdate the claim to the previous tax year.

Information on your S-EIS3 certificate that you need to claim your relief:

  • The name of the company in which you have invested

  • The amount you or SEIS/EIS you have invested

  • The date the shares were issued

  • The name of the relevant HMRC office and its reference

Please note every S-EIS3 certificate should have a Unique Investment Reference (UIR) Number on it to authorise the company to issue certificates to their eligible S-EIS investors.


As a self-employed investor, you can enter the details of the S-EIS claim in your self-assessment tax return.

Box 10 - ‘Other Tax Reliefs’, enter the total amount of investment which you are claiming S-EIS tax relief for.

Box 21 - ‘Any other information’, enter the details on your S-EIS3 certificate e.g name of the company you invested in, share issue date, HMRC issuing office. If you’re unsure of these details please contact the company you invested in to confirm.

You can complete your self-assessment tax return online or via post.


If you pay tax under PAYE, you can claim relief for that year by filling out the Claim Form on Page 3 of your S-EIS3 certificate and sending it to HMRC. You can do this by notifying whoever manages your PAYE payments

Ensure you sign the Claim Form before sending it to HMRC [page 4].

There is useful information on how to make your claim on page 2 of your S-EIS3 certificate.

Please let me know if you have any questions by hitting the blue chat bubble.

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