Converting your SeedFAST

How does the Debt Table work?

What are the features of the Debt Table? How to add a SeedFAST or Convertible Loan created off-platform?

I. The Debt Table


The Debt Table lets you add and view all your Convertible Loans created off-platform and all SeedFASTs created on or off-platform, as well as their status (Closed and in progress).

This visualisation is in two parts: Investment and Event

To take advantage of the features of the Debt Table, go to Shares then click on Debt Table at the top of your screen

The "Investment" part of the Debt Table covers 3 main features:

1. Outstanding 

In this part, you will find all the Convertible Loans that you added and all the SeedFASTs that you have created and which are waiting to be converted into shares.

The "Closed" status allows you to identify approved SeedFASTs from those awaiting signatures.

To approve your SeedFASTs: go to Raise. This article is also here to help you.


Here you can also convert your Convertible Loan and your SeedFAST.

To find out more, click on this article: Instant Conversion using the Debt Table (convert SeedFAST/NOTE): a step by step guide


2. Converting

When you convert a SeedFAST, it moves from the "Outstanding" section to the "Converting" section. You can find this section by scrolling down:


If you wish to complete the conversion you have started, simply click on the desired SeedFAST or Convertible Loan in the ''Converting'' section

3. Converted / Repaid

In this section, you can see all the SeedFASTs that are fully converted and all the Convertible Loans that are either fully converted or repaid. You can find this section by scrolling down to the end: 


The "Event" part of the Debt Table allows:
The visualisation of all your events in chronological order, which groups together the events found on ''Outstanding'' and ''Converting''


Finally, you can download a table in PDF or CVS format containing all the information from the Debt Table. You can find them by clicking on the 3 dots on the right:


II. Add a Convertible Loan or a SeedfAST done off-platform

You can add a Convertible Loan or a SeedFAST done off-platform directly from your Debt Table by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right and selecting "Add a historical debt".

Once added, you will find it in the ''Outstanding'' section.

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