How does Investor Tracking work?

Are potential investors interested in your Pitch? The "Investor Tracker" is here to help you track them.

1. Track your potential investors' interests

Log in to SeedLegals, and select the "Pitch" tab at the top left of your screen. Next, go to the "Investor Track" tab at the top of your screen

On this page you can:

  • Add an investor by clicking on
  • Identify which investors are "in" or "out" thanks to the status "In", "In play" or "Out"
  • Add your meeting notes
  • Create a SeedFAST, add investors to your funding round or your instant investment.


2. Transform an investor's interest into a Funding product

Let's take the example of , whose status shows that he is "in".

To modify its information: click on the pencil icon on the right. You will be able to modify his status, the amount he wishes to invest and add a note.

Now, to turn his interest into a ‘Funding’ product, you can click on the wallet icon on the right.



A window will pop up with 3 options to invest:

  • A SeedFAST,
  • Add to a Funding Round or
  • An Instant Investment

Please note: You must have an open funding round in order to add investors


Let's take an example with a SeedFAST:

Choose SeedFAST, then click on Next to follow the whole process directly on the platform.



You will see that the investor for whom you just created a SeedFAST is now listed in the "Investing Investors" section.

If you click on their name, a window will pop up and tell you about their investment


If you have any difficulty using the Pitch's Investor Tracking page, feel free to reach out to the team in the chat at the bottom right of your screen. 😸💬