Closing your round

Data Room: What documents you'll need for your funding round

When you do a funding round with us, all the documents that need to be shared with investors sit in one place. These are the documents you will find:

  • Term Sheet
  • Previous Investor Consent
  • Preemption Notice
  • Disclosure Letter
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Articles

In addition to sharing the above documents with investors, the lead investors often want to do their due diligence on the company, including asking to see:

  • founder service agreements,
  • employment agreements for key team members,
  • contracts with third parties,
  • IP assignment agreements,
  • business plan and financials, etc.

Investors like to see those all in one place too, and that is where our Data Room comes into play, a feature that beautifully integrates with your funding round on SeedLegals.

If you head over to Raise> Funding Round> and then the Documents tab, you'll see all the documents created within your funding round, along with the ability to upload your own supporting documents:


Our Data Room feature includes the ability to share documents with pre-set or custom groups. Pre-set groups include All investors, which dynamically matches all investors in the round. Add a new investor? All documents in that group are automatically shared with them. Investor pulls out? Just remove them from the round, and all their sharing permissions are automatically removed.

Or go ahead and create your own custom groups, for example:

  • Lead investors and their lawyers
  • “Potential” and “Confirmed” investors

Here’s how to create a group:

Head to Raise>Funding Round> the Groups tab, and you will see the option to add a new group. Here I’ve created a group and named it ‘Lead Investors’:


On the occasion that your funding round documents were signed offline, the Data Room feature is a fantastic way to upload it onto the platform with no hassle. This way, you can maintain and store your documents in one place, for easy reference in the future.