How have SeedLegals memberships changed?

On 10 October 2022, our Start, Run and Scale plans merged to become Standard membership, and we launched SeedLegals Plus membership.


What happened to my existing subscription?

What is SeedLegals Plus?

How do I upgrade to Plus? 

How has my access to SeedLegals changed?

What happened to my existing subscription?

Based on feedback from the thousands of companies we work with, we've simplified our membership choices. We now offer Plus and Standard membership.

Your choice of subscribing annually or monthly is the same. What's changed is that your Start, Run and Scale plan is now Standard membership. You have access to the same or more features - there's more about this below 👇

We emailed all subscribers to let you know exactly what's changed in your billing. If there's anything you're not sure about, log into SeedLegals and open a chat to ask us. 

If you plan to get SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance, do a funding round and/or apply for R&D tax credits this year, take a look at SeedLegals Plus and ask us about upgrading.


What do I need to do about the change to Standard?

You don't need to do anything. The change happened automatically on 10 Oct 2022.

What is SeedLegals Plus?

SeedLegals Plus is our best deal ever for startups - it's a cost-effective annual membership bringing together the essential services and support companies need to fundraise and grow.

Here’s what’s included for £999 +VAT per year:

For the full list of what’s included and to compare Plus and Standard, take a look at our Pricing »

How do I upgrade to Plus?

It's easy to upgrade to SeedLegals Plus anytime:

  • Go to Setting > Membership
  • On Plus, click Select Plus


Not sure if Plus is right for you? Contact us on the chat - we're here to help!

Good to know

If you decide to upgrade and there’s time left to run on your current membership, we’ll discount your Plus membership by the amount you’ve paid for the remaining time on your old membership. 

How has my access to SeedLegals changed?

If you had our Start plan...

You have the same access as before and these extra tools and legal documents:

If you had our Run plan...

You have the same access as before and these extra features:

If you had our Scale plan...

Your access is the same - but you'll pay less!
At your next payment date, you'll pay the Standard fee.

Any questions?

Hit the chat button to ask us anything - we'll be happy to help.