For your business plan, HMRC are looking for whatever information would be presented to potential investors to entice them to invest in the business. 

So, generally speaking, whatever you have already prepared is usually the best starting point. 

These are the main headings we suggest including in your business plan:

  1. The ‘Problem’

  2. Solution

  3. Business Model

  4. Intellectual Property and Structure

  5. Competitors and Market Size

  6. Risk to Capital [SWOT Analysis]

  7. The Team Profile

  8. History and Progress

  9. Roadmap

  10. Financials

  11. The Ask‍

We'll be sure to help you ensure the business plan is clear and concise as part of our Advance Assurance review. However, to be sure you're prepared, check out our full content guide for the Advance Assurance application business plans. 

In addition, HMRC have made some business plan templates available.

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