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How to upload or amend an SH01 form on Companies House (Video)

Online filing is now possible on Companies House. Here's how to upload your SH01, or amend/fix an existing one with an RP04

The video below is for amending an existing SH01 with an error, but all steps are also applicable for filing a new SH01 with Companies House.

If you're filing a new SH01, please ensure to choose the 'Share Capital - Return of Allotment of Shares' link, instead of amending an existing one. All follow-on steps are the same.

To upload an SH01, start here

To amend/fix an existing form, start here.

If you're uploading an SH01, you should also accompany it with a shareholders resolution. These resolutions are uploaded in a separate part of the Companies House website.

Here's a step-by-step guide for how to upload Shareholders Resolutions, SH02s and other documents that can't be uploaded on the regular Companies House site.

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