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What is an SH01 and how do I file it?

An SH01 form is a document to be sent to Companies House any time you have allotted new shares in your company! It lets Companies House know how many new shares you are issuing, when they were allotted, and your newly updated statement of capital.

You may issue new shares to investors as part of a funding round, or you may just want to issue shares to your co-founders and team members. Note that if you are doing a share transfer you will not need to update Companies House via an SH01. Instead you would submit this information when you file your annual Confirmation Statement.

If you are doing a funding round on SeedLegals, your SH01 will be automatically filled out for you, all ready to sign. If not, take a look at this article which will take you through how to manually fill one out!

After you allot the shares, you should aim to get everything filed within one month.

Luckily, it is possible to file your SH01 online if you are registered with web filing

  • Check here to confirm that you are eligible for web filing;

  • And then click here to sign in/register

In order to file the SH01 with Companies House online, you will have to re-type the generated information into an online form on the Companies House portal. This video guide explains how to amend your SH01 online , however, the process is very similar for filing your new SH01 online.

Of course, you can also submit by post. If your company is registered in England or Wales, simply post your SH01 (along with your Shareholders Resolution and Articles of Association if you have just completed a funding round) to:

Registrar of Companies

Companies House

Crown Way


CF14 3UZ

Once everything has been filed, you are ready to issue your share certificates! Head to your company profile on the SeedLegals platform and we’ll have these ready for you!