How to do a document redline / compare

Here's how to compare different versions of documents and track changes

The old days of emailing Word documents with redlined track changes are over, SeedLegals dynamically builds documents based on the deal terms you set.

But, sometimes your investors will ask for a redline compare, showing what's changed since the last version you sent them - here's an easy way to do that:

  1. When you send documents to your investors to review, you can either invite them to SeedLegals, or download the document as a PDF and email it to them.

  2. If you sent them a PDF, great, you now have that PDF ready to be used in future redline compares. Or, if you just sent them to SeedLegals to review the docs online, you might want to separately download each document as a PDF for yourself, so you can use that for comparisons later.

  3. Then, each time you want to send someone a redline compare, just download the latest version of the document from SeedLegals, then head over to Draftable which does a free and beautiful online document compare.

  4. You can then email the Draftable link to your investor, easy.