What is SeedLegals MPL and what is SeedLegals MPL Nominees? How is each company involved in Syndicates?

SeedLegals MPL and SeedLegals MPL Nominees are subsidiaries of SeedLegals. SeedLegals MPL is our FCA-regulated entity, so SeedLegals MPL is the entity which is operating the Syndicate product, as it is an FCA-regulated product.

SeedLegals MPL Nominees is the nominee entity which will hold the legal title to the shares in the investee company on behalf of all syndicate investors, who have a beneficial interest in the shares. This means that SeedLegals MPL Nominees will be the entity which signs the Shareholders Agreement on behalf of the syndicate investors, and will also be the entity named on the share certificates, the register of members and any confirmation statement.