Negotiating your round

Negotiate your terms directly on SeedLegals: Seed Round Commenting

A step-by-step guide on how to use our commenting feature on your funding round!

Step 1: Enable the commenting feature


When you head to Raise > Funding Round, you will be able to switch on/off commenting by hitting the toggle at the top right:

Step 2: Add Investors to your round and share the relevant document


Head to the Investor tab and add in your potential investors into the round. 

If you'd like to begin negotiation on the Term Sheet, go ahead and share the document with the investor via the platform once you have set up your Key Deal Terms. This way, they will now have access to the Seed Commenting feature.


Step 3:  Begin negotiating! 


To start a conversation, head the View on the document in question. When you have the document open, click on terms at the top to start a conversation.



If I’d like to start a conversation regarding Drag, Tag and Co-Sale for example, just click on the blue comment button, select a recipient, and start a conversation:

We notify all parties to the conversation by email and the bell icon when there is a new comment posted.


Step 4: Deleting & Resolving conversations


During a conversation, you can delete a comment by clicking on the three dots below that specific comment:


If you’d like to delete the conversation, click on the three dots at the top of the conversation: 


Done with negotiating on a term? Simply ‘Mark conversation as resolved’. If this was clicked by accident, no worries, you can always re-open the conversation as well.