Now that you’ve formed your team, it's time to set up your company on SeedLegals and receive your funding. Carbon13 will have added you and your cofounder(s) to a team and your company will now be waiting for you on SeedLegals. Just hit the dropdown list of companies in the top left to switch from Carbon13 to your own company. Then from ‘Cohort Portal’ all the next steps will be laid out for you.

First step is to set up your cap table using this guide. Once you have set up your incorporation round, you’ll be taken straight to your cap table where you can add in any additional changes to your cap table if you have made any.

You will then want to go back to the cohort portal to fill in your company bank details.

After that, you will want to set up the founder agreements for you and your cofounder.

For further guidance surrounding your founder agreements, you can check out our guides explaining what founder agreements are used for, and also some stats on founder salaries and vesting.

Once you have set up the terms you’ll want to sign your own founder agreement and get your cofounder to sign on behalf of the company.

After you have set-up your cap table, entered your company bank details and created your founder agreements, you can then move on to setting up your investment documents for Carbon13’s investment.

After you’ve clicked “Get Started” you’ll see the Carbon13 SeedFast (in the name of MNL Nominees) already set up for you.

Once in, You’ll start by creating the SeedFast Agreement. This will need to be signed by all the cofounders, and you will also need to send it to MNL Nominees for signing.

Finally, you’ll want to create and sign both the Board and Shareholders Resolution, before approving the SeedFAST and adding it to your debt table.

Once approved, you can access the documents from the ‘raise’ tab, or by heading to the debt table in the ‘shares’ tab.

If you have any questions regarding the terms of your SeedFAST, please get in touch with

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