How to use Instant Investment if you are doing multiple instant investments?

When you create your first instant investment, the platform will ask you the following question - Are you doing more than one Instant Investment at this time?

If you plan to take on multiple additional investments, you can create more than one instant investment on the platform. While creating the first instant investment, you should say ‘Yes’ to multiple instant investments, and the platform will generate only one Pre-emption Notice and Previous Investor Consent for the total of all of the Instant Investments.

And when you create the others, you can take the Express Lane if you've done the Investor Consent and Preemption as part of another Instant Investment in this group.

If you specify that you're doing multiple Instant Investments then the platform will generate one Board Resolution and it will cover all of the investments, so you'll only need to pass one Board Resolution covering all the investments.

Similarly, if you are not using Express Lane, your Shareholders Resolution, as well as your Pre-emption Notice and Previous Investor Consent, will cover the value of all of your investments, so you'll only need to create them once.

Closing your Instant Investment

Finally, make sure you have a read at this very useful guide on how to close your instant investment on the platform to make sure everything is signed and dated correctly!

As you’re doing multiple Instant Investments in the same period, to save you time and paperwork, you can actually group them onto one SH01 instead of many. This helpful article explains how, and if you’d like us to double-check, please reach out to us via the chat bubble at the bottom right and we’ll be happy to help!

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