This guide will show you how the Employee Table works and also how to terminate and vary employment agreements.

The Employee table is a clear way to see your past, present and future employees' details once you have created them! Click onto any employee to get their profile page, or click on the employee’s icon if you’d like to edit their address or permissions (admin rights etc.). Note, once a user has verified their email address you will not be able to amend any of their personal details.

Employee Profile Page

This is where you can find your employee’s existing employment agreement, vary their terms of employment, and record that they have left your company as well.

If you click ‘View All Terms’ you will get a summary of the employee’s terms of employment as of their latest employment agreement/ founders agreement.

How to vary an Employee’s terms of employment, and/or issue a Contract Variation Agreement.

Go to the employee’s profile page > Click ‘+ New’ > Select ‘Vary Terms’

You’ll be presented with your employee’s current terms and you can amend this by changing the answers set in the fields.

Most importantly, the very first question asks you what date you would like to vary these terms on. Choose this carefully, as if, for example, you are updating your employee’s salary, this is the date that the change will be made. Remember to save the newly amended terms!

You can create a new agreement if you like but this is not a necessity as many contract changes are recorded informally (e.g. over email) and do not require a contract variation agreement.

If you are varying the employee’s terms negatively (e.g. salary decrease), then the agreement provided in the team section should not be used to update the contract. Hop on the online chat and we can discuss this with you.

You can easily return to that variation of terms and edit it from the event card, however, if you want to create a new terms variation at a different date, then you should again click ‘+New’ > create a new event > follow the steps above as necessary.

How to Terminate an Employee

If you have terminated an Employee or Founder you can reflect this on the SeedLegals platform by selecting New -> Terminate Employment and enter the date at which the employment was terminated. In the majority of cases, this will be sufficient, as no contracts are needed if the departure is amicable. We don’t yet have redundancy forms or a Gross Misconduct dismissal process on the platform but if you need help with this please reach out on the intercom chat bubble.

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