When you create an agreement on the platform be sure to enter in the user that the agreement is for, rather than your own name. So, for a new user, you should click ‘add New User’ and enter in their information before creating their agreement.

If you’ve already created an agreement for the wrong user, often yourself, you would have to head back to the Agreements menu, click to create a new document, but this time instead of selecting yourself, click ‘add New User’ or add the person who will enter into the agreement. The document will be created in their name.

The platform intentionally doesn’t allow for terms to be copied across onto new documents because at SeedLegals we believe that our users should be checking every term they enter into their agreements to make sure they are the right fit each time. If you’d like to see the terms you’ve already created in a previous document we recommend opening it up in a new tab > selecting the agreement > terms view and then you can easily see what terms you had selected in a previous agreement to add them into the new one.

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