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R&D Technical Narrative: Company Description

Information on the Technical Narrative section about the Company Description

In the Company Description section, you’ll need to give a brief description of the history of the company including the following:

  • What the company does

  • The Company’s aims

  • Who the founders are

  • Founders achievements that are relevant to the Company mission

  • Founders and team background that is relevant to the company

  • When the Company was incorporated

  • Awards the Company has won

  • Mentions in media

  • A summary of the projects included in the Technical Narrative and the period they relate to

Full Example for Company Description

Please write a short description of your company specialisation, the aims and objectives of your company

Company New Games is an educational technology development studio, specialised in developing educational games for students. The company aims to use innovative learning tools to improve the outcomes of students.

Founder(s) Information

Company New Games was founded by Amit, an entrepreneur and former board member of numerous companies, including Citymapper and. His achievements brought him a place in Top 100 Wired UK List for 2017 and in Vanity Fair's The Next Establishment 2018.

Team Information

Company New Games' current team is composed of experienced engineers from widely acclaimed game studios, for example, Jonathan who worked at EA, Konami and Sony, and also Ben an award‐winning specialist from the educational field.


The company is backed by the investment firm Capital Ventures.

List any achievements, recognitions and awards, along with the awarding body that you have received.

A milestone for Company New Games is their involvement in the White House Science Fair. This event highlights the firm’s commitments to improve the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. In 2019 they made a huge update to an existing game, and launched two big new games, both in English and Spanish. Their work was recognised by the public and one of them, Company New Games, won the recognition of the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) community.

List any notable mentions in the press, media or academic journals. If you don’t have any notable mentions, no worries you can keep it blank.

Company New Games, already heralded as “the world’s leading learning‐through‐games studio” in the Guardian. The company has also been recognised as the “Industry Leader” by Games Tech Magazine.

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