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What do I need to do when hiring employees from other countries?

All businesses have a legal duty to check a prospective employee's right-to-work within the UK to prevent any illegal work carried out. If you don’t carry out these checks you could be subject to civil and criminal penalties for employing illegal workers so it is important that all businesses do so.

You should always make sure that the person you are hiring has a right to Work in the UK - regardless of role as this is a legal requirement. You’ll just need to check your prospective workers' original documents to ensure they are valid and make a note of the date they were checked.

This guide will help you complete the 3 step check process.

You’ll need to check that any applicant has the right to work in the UK and this must be done consistently, avoiding issues with discrimination.

At SeedLegals, all our Employment Agreements are compliant with UK Employment Law, so if you are looking to hire someone abroad, the Employment Agreements on platform won’t take into account their local jurisdiction. We have a great guide on how employment laws apply for employees working abroad. If you have any questions, please jump on the chat bubble and a member of our team can help out!