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What do the numbers mean in a Shareholders Resolution?

What do the numbers mean in a Shareholders Resolution?


After you have Board approval for the new funding round you’ll next need to get approval from your Shareholders for the funding round.

Approval is needed from your existing shareholders because their shares are being diluted by the new shares. The issuance of new shares will also change your share capital. This is expressed as the maximum aggregate nominal amount.

To calculate the maximum aggregate nominal amount of the share capital, add:

  • The existing shares & options

  • The new shares

  • The new options pool (if applicable)

  • The additional shares (if you have enabled Instant Investment)

and multiply the result by your nominal value. You can find your nominal value in the top right-hand corner of your Cap Table.


You have 1,300,000 shares prior to starting your round. You will be issuing 200,000 shares as part of your round. You will not be creating an option pool but in your Key Deal Terms, you enabled the top up of your round using instant investment for up to £100,000. Your round has a price per share of £1 so if you were to receive that full £100,000 in Instant Investment, you would be issuing a maximum of 100,000 new shares. Your nominal value is £0.0001.

Your maximum aggregate nominal amount or share capital is (1,300,000 + 200,000 + 100,000) x 0.0001= £160.

Once your resolutions have been completed, reach out to us and a member of the team will run through our post-closing process to ensure that everything is in order. They’ll then drop you an email letting you know the final steps to complete your round