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How do I correct a filing mistake on Companies House with an RP04 form?

A guide to completing the RP04: ‘Second filing of a document previously delivered’

If you find a mistake in one of the filings listed below, it’s already been uploaded to the Companies House register, you can fix it with an RP04 form. You can file your RP04 if you're registered for Companies House Web Filing Service but if you're not then here are the steps you need to take to file an RP04:

First, Download the RP04 Form here

You’re going to submit this along with a correct version of the form that you need to amend. 

A few things to note:

  • You cannot send a corrected document without an RP04

  • You need to submit both the corrected filing and the RP04 form by post or online

  • If you are updating a document that you’ve already paid a fee for (e.g. the CS01), you won’t need to pay that fee again.

  1. Check that the filing you need to correct is one of the ‘applicable documents’.

    The RP04 form can only be used to correct one of the documents listed in section 2 of the form:

If the filing that you are trying to correct is not one of those listed, it would be best to reach out to Companies House directly for support.

2. Fill out your company details.

You can find your company number by searching the Companies House Database.

3. Make clear which form you are re-submitting, you will have to send off both the RP04 and the amended form together.

Be sure to type the correct date on the RP04 form. Use the date of registration (the left hand column), found under the filing history tab of your company’s profile on Companies House, as highlighted below.

In this example, whereas the RP04 form references the date of registration of the original filing (15 May 2018),  the CS01 form that is being re-submitted would then be dated for the 4th May 2018, since that is the date of the original filing. 

If the form you are re-submitting is an SH01, make sure to check our guide on filling out an SH01.

5. Complete the ‘presenter information’ section. This section is optional, but keep in mind that any information there will appear on the public record.

6. Print the form on A4 paper and post off to Companies House along with your corrected filing.

See the final page of the form for the Companies House addresses to send your completed forms to. 

The address for companies registered in England and Wales is: Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 3UZ

Note that this process doesn’t remove the original erroneous filing. It will still remain on the register, but will be annotated (as below) to indicate that a second filing of the document has been filed.

 The new, correct, second filing will then be uploaded to the register as a separate entry, although this may take a few weeks to display.