Closing your round

I’m Ready to close my round… Now what?

I’m Ready to close my round… Now what? What you need to check before we can close your round...

Fantastic! The funds are in and now you’re ready to close...

Before we can close your round please ensure the following steps have been completed before:

  1. You’ve worked through the Disclosure Letter and that this has been signed and shared to all the investors in the round.

  2. You’ve shared the Shareholder Agreement to all the new investors and it’s now fully signed.

  3. The Articles of Association have been shared with your investors.

  4. The funds tracker has been filled in with the dates that the funds were received.

  5. The Board Resolution has been created.

  6. The Shareholders Resolution has been created and signed by 75% of shareholders by shareholding

  7. The SH01 form has been created.

Once these have been completed reach out to us and a member of the team will run through our post closing process to ensure that everything is in order. They’ll then drop you an email letting you know the final steps to complete your round.

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