How do I modify or edit a document?

Want to make a change to a document you created or that was sent to you?

All our documents are generated by our platform based on providing a set of variables that have been created and refined over hundreds of funding rounds. The Shareholders Agreement and Articles of Association are machine-generated dynamically using over 500 conditional statements each, to exactly match every deal term input in your round, the share classes, the cap table, the investors, the directors, and more.

Our documents have been picked over and proofed by hundreds of lawyers, investors and founders. 

That doesn't mean they'll exactly meet your needs, but chances are very high they will. It turns out that 90% of the time people ask to make changes to our docs, either the change is something that's already supported simply by selecting a different answer to the input questions, or there's a good reason why we don't support that option (it may have tax issues, it may not be good law, it may cause problems in future rounds, etc.).

But of course every funding round is unique, and if it turns out that there's something you'd like to change, here's the best way to do that:

If you're an investor who's been sent a deal document and it doesn't show the terms you'd like, chances are high that the terms you're looking for are available as a 1-click option when building the deal docs, but the founders chose to not offer those. So, rather than trying to redline track change our docs, just drop the founders a note saying what you'd like ("Hey, can we get an Investor Directory position please"), chances are they can make that change in 1 click, and it will apply to every deal document instantly. Once you've agreed, of course.

If you're a founder who's built the deal docs and you're looking for something you don't see in the docs, just hit the web chat bubble and ask us, we'll show you how to enable that option. Or, if we don't support it, we'll explain why not, or where it makes sense, we'll enhance our documents to provide that feature to you and to all future customers. That's how our documents have grown to become market standard.

Lastly, it's possible to export every document as a PDF and then use e.g. or to turn it into a Word document and modify it manually, but we really discourage that because as soon as anyone makes manual modifications to a document, then everyone needs to go off to lawyers to check that those changes make sense and are good law. And that's precisely what we build SeedLegals to avoid!

So, if there's anything our docs can't do, ping us, we'll help figure out the best solution for your exact use case.