We have our own agreements, can this replace the standard forms on SeedLegals

Previous agreements such as Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreement

When it comes to the funding agreements (Term Sheet, Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreement etc.) typically, new documents are adopted on completion of the funding round (pretty much all rounds adopt a new Articles and Shareholders Agreement). So effectively it doesn’t matter if you have previous documents, you will need to create new ones - or to replace the previous ones with new ones. 

The good thing about using SeedLegals documents is that we built our platform to guarantee the creation of good law based on user inputs. We have used data from hundreds of deals and smart tech to create the exact legal documents you need for Angel rounds through to Series B. With that in mind, we are quite confident that you will be able to incorporate in our documents almost all the terms that you want. 

Regarding using other standalone documents (such as NDAs or Employment agreements etc.) which are not related directly to your funding round, since these standalone documents are by nature not part of one single process, it really depends on your preferences. You can use our documents (maybe for consistency purposes, for example, to have the same SeedLegals Employment agreements with all your employees) or you can continue to use your existing documents.