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Do my investors need to sign a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor certificate?

The good news, is that anyone can invest in your business. Be it your friends, family members, professional investors, even your postman if you can convince them!

The caveat is that the government recognises this kind of investment is risky. So the FCA has created some guidelines to categorise and notify investors so they understand the risks. 

There are 4 categories, each with their own requirements:

  1. Everyday Investor

  2. Advised Investor

  3. Sophisticated Investor

  4. High Net Worth Investor

Not sure which category your investor is in? Find out more here.

The FCA guidelines state that you only need those certificates to be signed by investors if you are an FCA regulated entity marketing a fundraise on behalf of the company. Therefore, it is at your discretion if you want your investors to certify or not. The SeedLegals data shows that over 95% of our startups don't use these.

If you are looking for these certificates, simply head over to the Investor Agreements page. They're all there ready for you to complete and share with your investors to sign online.

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