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How customisable are SeedLegals documents?

How customisable are SeedLegals documents? Is SeedLegals just templates? How editable are the documents on the platform? Anthony Rose

We designed SeedLegals using data from hundreds of deals to cater to pretty much any deal term requested by investors or founders. 

It’s rare there’s a deal term that our platform doesn’t already support (at least a deal term that you’d want to agree to!). 

To give an idea of the level of sophistication we support, our Shareholders Agreement and Articles are built using over 500 conditionals, each crafted based on analysis of hundreds of deals. Our platform has seen more deals than any lawyer, and remembers them all! In the rare case that we don’t support a particular set of wording or deal term, the platform provides free-form ‘additional items’ sections. 

And, when we come across an investor with their own preferred wording, we add their wording as a 1-click drop list option on SeedLegals, so any future investees will be able to select all their usual wording in one click. 

Basically, whatever you need, we make it happen.