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My investors have sent me their Term Sheet. Can I upload it to SeedLegals?

Use SeedLegals to compare terms in a Term Sheet. Simply extract terms and enter them into the SeedLegals Term Sheet builder.

We make it easy to build your investor's Term Sheet on SeedLegals.

A Term Sheet is simply a summary of the key deal terms for the funding round, so by sending you their Term Sheet they’re indicating the terms they’re looking for - e.g. an Investor Director right or pre-emption and drag along rights, etc. 

So if you receive a term sheet from a investor, go through it to extract their deal terms, then simply enter those in the SeedLegals Term Sheet builder (if you agree with them!). 

In rare cases you may get requests for deal terms not supported by SeedLegals (sometimes for good reason), or terms you don’t agree with. 

That’s where our team of legal and funding experts come in - simply hit the chat button, and we’ll help you make the right decisions, and add any agreed terms.