While many startups know about the advantages of the R&D Tax Credits, allowing startups to claim up to 33% of their development costs back in cash, very few know about the R&D Advance Assurance application, which is actually very beneficial for startups, here we will explain why.

Applying for R&D Advance Assurance, will give startups a guarantee that their R&D claim will be accepted (as long as the final R&D claim will be in line with what was discussed in the R&D Advance Assurance).

In fact, HMRC will confirm, once the R&D Advance Assurance is approved, that the R&D claim will be accepted automatically.

Applying for R&D Advance Assurance is great to help you in planning your cash flow in advance, to save you time to get approved for the R&D claim. In SeedLegals Term Sheet, you will be asked whether you got your R&D Advance Assurance in place - by confirming that, you will increase your investability, and it’s a great validation to show investors that HMRC has blessed your work as qualifying R&D activity.

And, when you’ve explained to the investors that their money will go further, with your being able to claim back from HMRC up to 33% of the amount you’ve raised, that means their money will go further, and you can get more customers and traction before needing to raise again.

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