To answer the question on how you plan to deal with technological uncertainties, you will have to give details about the ways in which you will try to resolve the technological uncertainties you described in the question 'Scientific or Technological Uncertainties involved'. These can be scientific or technical design, testing or analysis you plan to use to resolve the uncertainties, but should not include commercial activities such as distribution and marketing. You must also give the details of the qualifications and industry experience of the competent professional who is working on your R&D project to help you determine and solve these scientific or technological uncertainties.

Provide evidence that the company has a plan to deal with the uncertainty. Include:

• how the company has made a distinction between the wider commercial project and the R&D project

• what the uncertainties were, when they are expected to start and end

• a description of the methods you plan to use to overcome the uncertainties, including the investigations and analysis you will undertake.

Example of how the project(s) plans to deal with the uncertainties

In order to overcome the technical uncertainties associated with the analytics learning

platform, the team plans to gather data from the events stream in the user’s game, such as failed execution of code or editing of parameters, and apply a set of complex custom algorithms which would translate these actions into meaningful learning indicators. Afterwards, another custom algorithm will compare these indicators to other users’ and send the results to the visualisation engine. In depth research will be conducted in order to create the appropriate development of the analytical visualisation. B Games will ensure the high quality and responsiveness of the visualisation by running numerous user tests in collaboration with the target environment of the application – teachers and students. In the process, a number of

imperfections and minor data inaccuracies will be eliminated, and the performance of the product will be optimised to reach a satisfying level.

In order to overcome the technical challenges associated with users, a huge improvement that the team is making is redesigning the architecture of their server cluster – a group of servers, which enables high availability of services for their clients. The team is shifting from the current hosting solution to one which would satisfy their new higher demand of services. The main challenge is the migration from the exiting solution to a new one, because poorly designed process might result in loss of access to data and services. To overcome this challenge, B Games’ developers work extensively on designing the implementation of the migration, without changing the delivered services and minimising the risk of data and services outage. Because of the high technical complexity of this task, the work is still ongoing.

The team continues conducting researches and testing new components in order to

upgrade and optimise the platform. Future plans include integrating the analytics

platform with more products of B Games.

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