In this set of articles, we will elaborate (and give concrete examples) on the questions of the R&D Advance Assurance.

One of the questions you will be asked to answer is: 'What is the scientific or technological advance being sought?'

Note that the R&D you’re doing must seek to develop a new product or process, or improve existing ones at an industry level. This should aim not only to increase the knowledge and capabilities of your company, but also of the industry. Simply copying an existing product or process would not make your project eligible for R&D Tax Credits, but creating something new by changing or modifying existing products and services would. Further, the increase in the knowledge and capabilities of your industry, and overall science and technology, that you’re trying to achieve with your R&D should not be readily publicly available or be gathered or deduced easily from a professional in the field.

So to answer this question, provide a detailed explanation of the information given in the question 'What is the proposed R&D activity the company plans to undertake?' State what the advance is and why it is an advance (in the eyes of a competent industry professional). To do that, describe how your product is unique and, if successful, how it will also increase the knowledge and capabilities of your industry.

Example of an answer to the question: 'What is the scientific or technological advance being sought?'

Unlike traditional methods of learning such as reading books or solving coding tasks,

Game B will introduce difficult concepts in computer science to children in an accessible and visually absorbing way. The game is specially designed to keep kids’ attention – showing animations, separating the tasks in stages (missions), and showing real-time results. In order to reach a higher level, the players will need to write more sophisticated code. In the game play they will easily learn the basics of debugging and understand the importance of writing efficient code.

Game B can be used in and out of the classroom. In either case, the players will get

information about their overall progress in skillsets like algorithmic thinking. Whenever used in the classroom, its platform will provide a dashboard which will give the teacher insight of how an individual student, a group, or the whole class is performing in the game, which skills are mastered, and which need special attention. The dashboard, which will show the progress of students, will be a result of the

integration of the game with the Real-time Learning Analytics platform. B Games’ team will spend a considerable amount of time researching ways to create an efficient strategy for measuring learning outcomes. Unlike any other system, the analytics platform will provide cutting-edge functionality of derivation of insights about the educational development and outcomes of the user from a game-based data source.

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