We've released a big site update: a new way to manage your team, run board meetings, manage SeedFASTs and convertible notes, a Deal Manager for investors, and more - stay tuned for news on that.

As part of that release, we're changing our pricing plans. You'll be delighted to know that's not code for a price increase - in fact, you'll pay no more and probably pay less!

What's changing?

We're replacing our existing combination of Quick Agreements, Cap Table & Option Table plans with a single plan that's tailored for each step of your journey.

Pick the plan that best fits your company, then grow with SeedLegals.

Why the change?

Over the past 3 years, we've helped a generation of startups grow their businesses on SeedLegals from idea, to friends & family investment, to seed round, to Series A and beyond.

We've added features to help every step of that journey. At the start it's all about founder agreements and vesting, then fundraising, then employment, team management, company secretarial.

As we added features to meet the needs of each step of a company's journey, it was time to update our subscription plans to match.

Will I pay more? Here's how your pricing will change:

If you're on Quick Agreements plan
You'll now get cap table access, company policies and more, all included, along with the quick agreements you're currently enjoying, all for £29/month instead of £19/month.

We know times are tough for many, so we'll hold your £19/month rate until Jan 2021. You'll pay no more till then, and get a lot more.

If you're on Quick Agreements + Cap Table plans
Our most popular combination, we'll switch you to Run, and you'll pay 10% less than before.

If you're on Quick Agreements + Cap Table + Option Table
We'll switch you to Run, and you'll pay 25% less than before.

If you're on our Legacy plan
For customers who've been with us from the start and are on our Legacy plan, we'll switch you to Run for the same legacy price, you'll pay no more until Jan 2021.


Our new Teams feature lets you manage your new joiners, current team and past team members all in one slick interface. Teams is available on all plans, for 25+ employees you'll need to upgrade to the Scale plan.

Go annual and save 15%

Switch anytime to our new Annual Plans and save 15% off monthly.

See new pricing

Past subscriber? Try it for free

Lapsed subscription? No problem. We'd love you to try out the new site features, on us. Just log back in when the new site goes live, you'll have the first 7 days free.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything. These changes will apply automatically on your next billing cycle. You'll pay no more, and likely will pay less.

Keep a lookout for an email on our big site update, coming shortly..

Anything you need or we can help with, just let us know by clicking the chat bubble feature in the bottom corner of the screen!

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