How do I find my Share Register?

What is a Register of Members and where can I find it?

A Register of Members (Share Register)

As a company owner or director, you are responsible for maintaining certain statutory registers - one of which is the register of members. The register of members is a record of the individuals who have ownership in the company and reflects the details of their shareholding (such as name & address of shareholder, number and classes of shares held, amount paid or agreed to be paid, the date that each shareholder became a member of the company).

It is a legal requirement that you keep a record of the Register of Members that is separate to the filings on Companies House. Good news is you can use SeedLegals to do this! 

To export your Register of Members on SeedLegals:

Go to Shares > click on the three dots in the top right > then select export share register (PDF)